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I'm Emily.

UX Designer/ Researcher/ Product Designer


I was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when I was seven. Growing up, my parents wanted me to experience the world, so I lived in several countries, such as the Philippines, Japan, and Canada as well. Being raised in different countries and states taught me how to respect and learn from the differences between people. This broadened my creativity as well as adaptation.

As a young girl, I was bubbly, friendly, and smart, and I was not afraid to talk to strangers. I believe strongly in the power of connections and communications. There are stories and meanings behind every design created. Designers are involved in all steps of creation, from the very beginning to the very last. To maximize our potential, we have to find it together, inspire, understand one another, and bring their values to life. The process motivates me to keep going and be passionate about what I do. I hope to apply these skills to create a story that values both the designers and the users.

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