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The Ideal Experience of Getting a Date  Final Magazine (dragged).png

The Ideal Experience of Getting a Date
partnered with Lextant


Team (left to right): Chris Bartoldus, Siwei Pu, WonJoo Lee (Me), Cherie Chung, Laura Ford

About the project and goal

Online dating is rapidly growing in our society nowadays. However, the majority of the dating system consists of picture swiping. Even when many people use those platforms to look for a date, they were not pleased with how the system works, mostly judging by looks. Our was to find what do people expect out of online dating platforms and the ideal experience of getting a date.

Our contextual research focuses on two specific experience insights, as provided by Lextant, our partnering firm. 

Emotion, How does the user feel?


Behaviors, How does the user perceive, process, or react to the experience?

Research Process

Stakeholder Map 


Cultural Probe

Sensory Cue

Affinity Diagram

(Detailed research methodology, process, insights, and user testing can be found on the process book)

Final Result
The Ideal Experience of Getting a Date  Final Magazine (dragged).png

A printed magazine in a chocolate box with the research process and results.

Process Pictures
Process Pictures
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